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Along with our event specific range of toilets we also offer toilets for construction hire and with prices starting from as little as £10 per week, making us the leaders in affordability without compromising reliability and ease of service.

Through constant communication with our partners in the construction industry, we have been able to understand our customers needs and tailor our product plans and services to your specifications ensuring that our customers always come back. This communication has also allowed us to develop our newest product, a mobile welfare unit which is perfect for construction sites and creates a ‘home away from home’, with full amenities including;

  • Hot water
  • Full kitchen amenities (sink, kettle etc,)
  • Seating to accommodate up to 4 people at a time
  • Warm room for drying

This newest addition to our growing fleet has been an instant hit with our customers, spearheading an influx of glowing reviews from happy customers who have appreciated the unique design which allows for a more comfortable construction site experience. With a dedicated team of drivers and enough trucks to carry dinosaurs, don’t be fooled by their size, we can easily carry these units to any location you may need them, especially with them already seeing action from as far out as Madeley to Market Drayton.


Just because we aren’t Stoke city fans doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate this region in all of its glory. Staffordshire has been a somewhat recent addition to our portfolio of customer networks, however, has been more than welcomed. Through this recently developed network we have begun to create an understanding of the customers and their worries, allowing us to begin tailoring our services and products offered. See this is why we love expanding as we not only meet new people, but get new ideas through customer feedback, that will impact all of our customers (not just the ones in Staffordshire).


Some of our closest partners have been Staffordshire based, and it has been great to listen to their feedback. One of our most recent customers was the ‘Staffordshire Land Rover Club,’ who have worked with us for over a year now. Through constant communication, in person (and online) meetings and case study work, we have been able to create a tailor-made plan which suited their event down to the very smallest of specifications required. This sort of work reminds us why we do what we do, the art of going from a simple plan (practically nothing concrete) to a tailor planned event that the customer can be more than happy with. It also teaches us, and we would be lying to ourselves if we said that every delivery had gone smoothly in the past, however from learning and listening to our customers we have been able to create a product and service that always leaves the customer happy.

Another benefit of working so closely with the community in and around Staffordshire, is being able to discover so many new and exciting events for us to cater to and sometimes just simply sit around and enjoy. Such as Geoff Tate, one of our favourite singers of the decade singing hits from ‘Anybody Listening’ to ‘Jet City Woman’.


What’s on?

  • Better World Festival 2021

    Speakers, activists and charities. If you want to make the world a better place (or just listen), this brand-new festival celebrates our wonderful world and seeks to ask and address those questions about how we can all start making sustainable choices today for a better world tomorrow.

  • Trentham Live

    MCFLY AND THE VAMPS! This is not a warning; I repeat this is not a warning. We are so excited to have such an amazing variety of acts so close to home. So, for 3 nights of incredible music in an as incredible venue this is something not to be missed. You can even look out for our toilets, (they may be the real star of the show).

  • Wildchild Festival

    An amazing day out where you’ll find yourself transported into a magical world of art and nature as the Trust celebrates looking after Staffordshire’s wildlife and wild places for 50 years while campaigning for an even wilder future.

  • Showground toy collectors fair

    As toy fanatics this is definitely one for us, so expect to find 300 stalls packed with all kinds of collectable toys, trains and models for sale. There's everything from vintage Dinky and Corgi Toys, to model railways, to the very latest Funko POP's and cool collectables. If you're looking for items from the 1920's or the 2020's, you're sure to find plenty to tempt you at this very popular shop and entertainment fair.

  • And many more!!!

    We are so excited to be able to host events in Staffordshire, and provide your portable toilet hire, it’s such an honour and privilege to get to meet so many people and witness the best that Staffordshire has to offer.

    So, if you’re looking for a portable toilet hire this summer for an event or project, give us a call or leave an enquiry, we’d be more than happy to get back to you and show you what we can do for your event.

Stay safe Staffordshire!